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Pool Table Removals

Pool table removals are provided by Simply Pool and Snooker to both the private and commercial markets. We have been in the cue sport industry for over 30 years. All our fitters and pool table removals staff are skilled at removing various makes and models of pool tables. Our removalists have a vast range of experience and will take the utmost care when it comes to dismantling, moving and re-assembling your pool table. Making sure your pool table removal, from the initial enquiry to re-installing the table runs as smooth as clockwork.

English pool tables are normally 6 x 3ft or 7 x 4ft and on the rare occasion 8 x 4.5ft. All English pool tables are manufactured with a one piece slate.

American pool tables are normally manufactured with three sectional slates and will require a pool table recovering service alongside the pool table removal as with all American pool tables, the old cloth is cut to the edge of the slate once it has been fitted and is difficult to re-stretch back on once re-installed after a move.

Pool Table Removal English will include:

  1. Pool table is dismantled
  2. Prior to pool table removals, the table must be completely dismantled

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  3. Pool table is loaded onto van ensuring that all parts are protected whilst in transit
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  5. Pool table is r-assembled at new location and re-levelled making sure that the table is positioned correctly following the pool table removals
  6. After the pool table removal, the table is re-assembled at the new location.

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  7. Cloth is cleaned using a brush and re-marked out ready for play
  8. Following pool table removals with Simply Pool and Snooker, the table cloth will be brushed and re-marked out ready for play once more.

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Pool Table Removal American will include:

  1. Removal of cushions, removal of old cloth from playing surface, sectional slates removed and frame dismantled
  2. During pool table removal the following items are removed and dismantled: clothes, sectional slates and frames

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  3. Table is loaded onto van ensuring all parts are protected whilst in transit during the pool table removal
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  5. At the new location the pool table is correctly positioned after consulting with the customer, re-assembled, re-levelled and recovered with new cloth ready for play
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Our pool table removal service is carried out throughout the UK and Europe. Whether you are moving house, moving office, recently purchased or wanting a cost for the disposal of your pool table why not give our team a call on 01634 253747 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have including costs and timeframes for pool table removals.

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