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Pool Dining Tables

As poular as pool is, its not practical for everyone to have a table in their house. Our fantastic range of pool dining tables can solve this problem, as they can easily alternate between one form and another. This provides a convenient and stylish way to place a pool table in a dining room, living room or kitchen which fills both functions when necessary.

Our pool diners allow for a practical use of space

We have a vast selection of models of pool diners in our range of pool dining tables, each one uniquely designed for different tastes. No matter where in your home you want to place your pool dining table, you will be able to find one to match its surroundings perfectly. We supply them in a vast selection of styles, and each dining pool table is available in three different sizes, with the largest model seating up to ten people.

Pool Diners

If space is an issue for you, why not have a look at the fantastic pool diners we have available. These pool dining tables are built to do two jobs, firstly they are a table but if you place the special top on them, they become the ideal dining table. The pool diners we have available are designed to look just like a normal dining table when the top is in place so you really can't tell that in actual fact there is a pool table underneath. Have a look at our superb range of snooker diners and pool diner tables on the main pages of this website.

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