The Bridge (how to hold a snooker table cue correctly)

When I am on my travels carrying out a snooker table recovering I often have to wait for the players on the snooker table to finish their game before I can start my work. Sometimes, these games seem to go on forever, and the reason, quite simply, is the fact that they are not holding the cue properly.

The bridge is important because it is one of the two contacts you have with the cue. And with the feet it forms a tripod, bolting you to the snooker table.

Tony Knowle’s stance. Note how the left leg is bent at the knee, bringing the weight forward. The right leg is ramrod straight which anchors the stance.

Lower your left hand on to the table and spread your fingers as wide as they will comfortably go. Grip the cloth with the finger pads and at the same time keeping the base of the palm on the cloth. If done correctly the knuckles will be slightly raised forming a bridge. Keep the fingers taut and unbent, and draw the thumb in tight to the forefinger. Cock the thumb as far as it will go, forming a V-shaped channel for the cue.

Ronnie O'sullivan

Ronnie O’sullivan

The first time you try to form a bridge it will probably be wobbly and uncomfortable. There will be a tendency to keep the fingers together rather than widely spread, and a temptation to let the thumb wander out, thereby forming a channel between thumb and forefinger rather than on top of them. Persevere until you get it right. Remember, the more wider the base of the bridge, the more solid it will be. Always keep the heel of your hand on the table…… the more contact you have with the cloth the better.

I hope you found this blog good reading. I also write blogs on pool table hire and pool table recovering as well as many other subjects within the snooker and pool industry.

Written by Max Spicer

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