Regular Pool Table Recovering will Increase Profits

Pool table recovering on a regular basis will help push up your income. This is a fact! By keeping your pool table in pristine condition will make your table more desirable than others to play on.

L shaped ripped cloth

L shaped ripped cloth


It’s not rocket science. If there are several pool tables in a given catchment area and you and a few friends arrange to go out to play pool, you’re not going to choose the establishment whose pool table has a ripped cloth! is looking old and worn, slow cloth, dead cushions, rubber pockets hanging off or even missing etc!

You cannot fix them all!

You cannot fix them all!

A few years ago I was called out to a customer for a pool table recovering in London. It was an area in North London which holds a large Turkish community and a number of these gentlemen frequent the local Turkish coffee shops to socialise after a hard days work. The pool table recovering enquiry came from a customer I have known for years who has a reputation of being, lets just say, slightly difficult.

I arrived at the premises to find the pool table-cloth was roughly two years old with a six-inch by six-inch L shape rip in the cloth, the cushions dead and two of the six rubber pockets where missing.

I gave the customer the quote to carry out the work and his answer was, “come back in two months when I have made enough money to pay for the pool table recovering”. I tried to explain to him that all the other coffee shops in the Street where busy with customers playing pool because their pool tables where being maintained properly and thus, where making a healthy profit. Unfortunately, he could not see the big picture.

Maximise your profits

Maximise your profits

One year later, I get a call from the same gentleman to recover his pool table. Before arriving I presumed that someone else had carried out the pool table recovering and now needed the job doing again. To my surprise, one year later, the pool table still had the same rip in the cloth and all the other problems.

pool table recovering

pool table recovering

The moral of this blog is if you own a commercial premises and your table needs some work carried out on it, don’t be penny wise pound foolish. In other words look at the big picture. Pool table recovering on a regular basis will help maximise profits.

If you have any comments about this blog or any other subject please contact us and we will be happy to endeavour to answer any questions you may have concerning the cue sport industry.



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