History of Pool continued

The Beginning of British Pool continued….

Take yourself back to the 1960,s and think about how many pool tables would have been seen in and around the British Isles? Now fast forward to 1985 and the estimated number of pool tables would be in excess of 50,000 and growing by the day. This rise to prominence rivals any other growth of any sport in History and goes to show just how popular the game of pool has become in this country. During this period whilst out pool table recovering I could complete three to five pool table recovers in one day which indicates the popularity of the game.

In the early days the English pool table game was very fragmented with no clear set of rules and little in the way of organised competition. It was not long however, before the pool table manufacturers, pool table operators and all associated with the brewery trade realised they all shared a vested interest in promoting the game. This in turn started up the local league scene up and down the length and breadth of the country.

To a lesser extent, the game of pool grew in Australia, Spain and France. The former Australian test cricketer Neil Hawke played an instrumental role in the growth by becoming a leading importer and operator of pool tables throughout Australia.