Cueing Action (part 3)

The key to success for some curious reason, run-of-the mill and even quite good snooker players do not have a similar obsession with their cueing action.  They worry about potting angles and gaining position. They strive to gain cue control by the use of spin, so that they can move remorselessly from ball to ball,  just as their idols do on television. They strive to turn their twenty breaks into forty breaks, and maybe in their wildest dreams they think the magical century break may one day come their way.  Months and even years go by and they advance little beyond a rudimentary standard of play. Why? They understand the tactics of the game perfectly well;  these may not be quite as simple as golf  but they are hardly a mystery even to those who content themselves with armchair play. They know when they have a good chance of making a pot and should therefore attempt it. On the other hand, when the pot is not on they should play safety.



With experience they learn positional play, which is obviously the key to the game and scorn those who simply bang in a pot and hope for the best.  They know all about attempting to lay and attempting to get out of snookers. Often they rattle in a difficult long pot – not a fluke – that would almost force a smile from Jimmy White. And yet they cannot make those elusive big breaks, which alone would demonstrate real improvement. The twenty breaks do not become forty breaks, let alone centuries. In time they become resigned to the fact that they have reached their natural playing level.

They are wrong. They have come nowhere near it. All they need to do is take a leaf out of the golfer’s book. Let them look at their cueing action. Get this right and you’ll soon see the improvement in your game.

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