Snooker Table Hire for TFI Friday Live

Simply pool and snooker received a phone call by the TFI production team in early December to enquire about hiring a full size snooker table for one nights filming.

Un Nooh missing black at 140

Un Nooh missing black at 140

Earlier on that week, Thepchaiya Un Nooh  from Thailand could have scooped £44,000.00 for achieving a maximum break of 147 in the UK Championship. He was playing Neil Robertson from Australia in the fifth frame. After scoring 140. All Un Nooh needed to do was to pot an easy black into the corner pocket. Un Nooh, or should I say Ahh No (sorry Thepchaiya) missed and shall go down in snooker folk lore.

Snooker Table Hire for TFI Friday

Snooker Table Hire for TFI Friday

The TFI production team  thought it would be a good idea to have Un Nooh duplicate the shot on the show.

Snooker Table Hire with Mumford and Sons Marcus Mumford at the table

Snooker Table Hire with Mumford and Sons Marcus Mumford at the table

Snooker table hire with Nathaniel Rateliff at the table

Snooker table hire with Nathaniel Rateliff at the table

Chris Evans got guests Mumford and Sons and Nathaniel Rateliff and Chris’s son to pot the black that Un Nooh missed as if to say “EASY” and then poor Un Nooh got another chance to pot the black on our hired table.

Snooker table hire with Un Nooh at the table

Snooker table hire with Un Nooh at the table


Simply pool and snooker provide a snooker table hire service for filming, private party hire, corporate events and exhibitions etc. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We also supply snooker diners. Alongside snooker tables we also offer both pool diners and pool tables for sale or rental.

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