The Game (pool tables)

Most of you reading this blog will have played a game of pool before or at least watched a game of pool in a pub or club or on television. What version of the game you have played or watched will depend on where you live, with different rules and equipment being used.

American pool tables for example measure nine foot by four and a half feet and the balls used are two and a quarter inches in diameter (almost the size of a cricket ball). The cues used on an American pool table has a wider diameter tip to cater for the stress put on the cue when playing a shot.

An English pool table , in comparison measures from six by three feet up to eight by four and a half feet. The most common of these is a seven by four foot pool table with two inch balls. The white ball is an eighth of an inch smaller to enable it to drop through a gap inside the pool table to come out of the opposite end to the rest of the balls.

The game played on most pool dining tables in England is eight ball. The game comprises of two set of different coloured balls (normally reds and yellows) and a black ball. The object of the game is to pot all your coloured balls and then pot the black ball before your opponent.

Although pool table rules are very similar different sets have evolved which detail the finer points of the game.

Often, when out pool table recovering a seven foot English pool table I get asked for pool cues most of which have a thirteen millimetre tip. There are English pool table cues made specifically for the job but most players I know will use a decent snooker cue.

To be continued

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