History of Pool

Welcome to simply pool and snooker’s blog. We hope you enjoy it and feel free to comment or request other blog’s on any subject within the snooker table industry such as pool table recovering.

The beginning of British Pool

American 9 ball is played on a 9ft pool table which would not fit into the majority of English pubs and clubs. This problem was first recognised by the Australian pub industry that began to make the American style pool tables smaller to fit into bars etc.

European manufacturers soon followed on and begun to look at the concept of making a new design of pool table small enough to fit into the tight confines of our pubs and clubs etc. The French entertainments company René Pierre and the table manufacturing company owned by Rex Williams are credited with the leading role in the development.

Rene Pierre early 70s pub pool table

Rene Pierre early 70s pub pool table

Playing Snooker in the 70’s was extremely popular in this country, as well as offering the chance to play real American pool on the other side of the pond; it was no surprise that the idea of a pool table in a pub really took off.
The first pool table shown  in Britain was in 1972 by René Pierre at the Amusements trade Exhibition in London. The table was a great success and English manufacturers such as Hazlegrove Music Hire, Marloss and R. Blakeborough & Co soon started to design and make their own versions. In my opinion the Hazlegrove Superleague pool tables Mk 5 & Mk6, from an operator’s point of view: were two of the best tables ever designed for pool table hire.

Hazlegrove Superleague

Hazlegrove Superleague


Made of plywood with a tough rosewood laminate, chrome corner plates and aluminium trim, you will still see this table in various establishments across the country.  Whenever I am out pool table recovering, I would say the chances of it being a Hazlegrove is about one in every three. This gives you an idea of how popular this table was back then by the amount they manufactured.
To be continued……

If you enjoyed this blog then you will be pleased to hear that I will be following up on this blog with other interesting topics. Please feel free to comment on any article and any requests such as snooker table recovering or pool table recovering are welcome.

Written by Max Spicer

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