Growth of pool tables (part 2)

Following on from my last blog when I am out and about pool table recovering I come across many different designs and manufacturers of pool tables which indicates the popularity of the game has grown over the years.

Following on from my last blog where I was explaining that the game of pool started out as pocket billiards, moved on to straight rail and became fifteen ball pool. This then developed in 1888 into continuous pool.

By 1910 continuous pool had evolved into straight pool, the most common version being 14.1. The idea of the game being the balls were racked up with the player at the table would pot as many balls as he/she could until they missed and control of the pool table was passed over to their opponent. The name 14.1 refers to the fact that the last ball of each game would be left on the table and the remaining fourteen balls re-racked, now this is the hard part! The player breaking off at the next game would have to pot the remaing fifteenth ball and then open up the rack in the same shot.

The game of pool then evolved into what we know now as eight ball and nine ball. All shall be explained in my next blog.

The game of pool has become so popular that people are now buying pool tables for sale and pool dining tables from simply pool and snooker. These pool table diners are hand made out of kiln dried solid hard wood and can be colour matched to any item of furniture. Infact I always tell enquirers that the only thing the manufacturers don’t do is chop the tree down! Snooker diners (convertible dining tables) are also very popular and give the customer the best of both worlds.

To be cont….