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Pot Black (The Beginning)

Snooker tables have pocket rails due to the number of balls being potted during a game. Continue reading

Origins of the Snooker Table Cue

Snooker table cues have a flat surface on the handle. Why? Continue reading

Maintenance of a Pool Table

Pool table maintenance is essential to keep your table in good condition. It is essential to keep the cloth dry and brushed regularly. When brushing pool tables you should always follow the direction of the cloth. The nap runs from the … Continue reading

Snooker Table Transportation (part 3)

The vans and horse carts that the snooker table manufacturers used, where kept in pristine condition. The horses were well looked after by the driver whose job it was to make sure these horses were fed and watered 365 days … Continue reading

Snooker Table Transportation (part 2)

The young apprentices would the move onto being given small jobs at the bench such as sawing and planing timber and would have to do this numerous times. Each time he would have to show his instructor who would only … Continue reading

Snooker Table Transportation

Snooker table recovering was a highly skilled trade and fitters started at the early age of 14, being assigned to an experienced craftsman to learn the trade. Continue reading

John Bennetts & Co cont…. (by John K Bennett)

The early years of the snooker table company are shrouded in mystery, the fires of 1898 and 1941 having been so destructive that they wiped out all records. We are continually discovering snooker tables with the Surrey Street address and there … Continue reading

John Bennett & Company By J.k.Bennett

In December 1941 an incendiary device dropped by the Luftwaffe completely destroyed the factory and all the snooker tables at John Bennett’s & Co’s building, 120 Newington Causeway, London, SE1. All existing records of the company were lost until until … Continue reading

Birth of Snooker

It was whilst playing black pool at the officers mess in Jubbulpore one wet afternoon in 1875 that the game of snooker was born. Officers of the Devonshire Regiment stationed for long periods in Southern India used to while away … Continue reading

Pool Tables and their origins

The game of pyramids was the early ancestor of pool. It was played with a triangle of fifteen red balls. Imagine where the eight ball is placed within a pool table triangle, the equivalent red ball would be placed over … Continue reading