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The Game (pool tables)

Most of you reading this blog will have played a game of pool before or at least watched a game of pool in a pub or club or on television. What version of the game you have played or watched … Continue reading

Growth of pool tables (part 3)

First we had the game of billiards, then pocket billiards, fifteen ball, continuous pool and straight pool. As the tactics of pool developed, players started to look for different ways to play the game. The game of eight ball as … Continue reading

Growth of pool tables (part 2)

Following on from my last blog when I am out and about pool table recovering I come across many different designs and manufacturers of pool tables which indicates the popularity of the game has grown over the years. Following on … Continue reading

Growth of Pool Tables (part 1)

Players such as Tom Dennis and Joe Davies helped snooker become the popular game it is today. Did you know; the multi million pound industry we see today started out as a mere £6,10s for the first prize money given … Continue reading

Birth of snooker tables cont…

Welcome to simply pool and snooker’s blog. We hope you enjoy it and feel free to comment or request other blog’s on any subject within the snooker table industry such as snooker table recovering. In 1876 Neville Chamberlain left the Devon’s … Continue reading

Birth of Snooker

It was whilst playing black pool at the officers mess in Jubbulpore one wet afternoon in 1875 that the game of snooker was born. Officers of the Devonshire Regiment stationed for long periods in Southern India used to while away … Continue reading

Pool Tables and their origins

The game of pyramids was the early ancestor of pool. It was played with a triangle of fifteen red balls. Imagine where the eight ball is placed within a pool table triangle, the equivalent red ball would be placed over … Continue reading

Introduction to playing pool

Most people reading this blog would have played pool before or will at least have seen it played , either in pubs and clubs or on television. Depending on where you live in the world will determine what version of … Continue reading

Improvements of Billiard Tables

At around 1820 improvements were being made to the quality of billiard/snooker tables by Englishman Edwin Kentfield and American industrialist John Thurston who in 1826 began to use slate instead of wood as the bed of the table. This idea … Continue reading

Origin of the name Billiards

The precise origin of the word billiards remains a mystery. The game was extremely fashionable in France and was played by members of the ruling classes within French society. The game was played with a mace (billart) and ball (bille). … Continue reading