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Buying or Selling a Snooker Table on eBay (Snooker Table Removals)

Buying or selling a snooker table on eBay is all about getting it right. Don’t get me wrong, there are some bargains to be had but one persons description of “mint condition”, may not be yours. It is important to … Continue reading

Snooker Table Hire for TFI Friday Live

Simply pool and snooker received a phone call by the TFI production team in early December to enquire about hiring a full size snooker table for one nights filming. Earlier on that week, Thepchaiya Un Nooh ¬†from Thailand could have … Continue reading

Snooker Table Recovering in Kent, London and Essex

Snooker table recovering by simply pool and snooker is carried out by our own riley trained, fully qualified fitters with over thirty years of experience. Our fitters have worked on the manufacture of snooker tables as well as snooker table … Continue reading

Pool Tables for Film and Television work

Pool table used for film and television is a service that Simply Pool and Snooker provide. Yesterday we delivered a pool table for a new pilot television series called ” I Live With Models“.   The pool table was set … Continue reading

Pool Table Recovering in Special Colours

Pool table recovering in Central London can be a tricky business. Theres the congestion charge to be thinking of. The parking, if you can find a space that can be a nightmare and, in certain boroughs rather expensive. Simply pool … Continue reading

Regular Pool Table Recovering will Increase Profits

Pool table recovering on a regular basis will help push up your income. This is a fact! By keeping your pool table in pristine condition will make your table more desirable than others to play on.   It’s not rocket … Continue reading

Pool Table Chalk Dunes and Goal Posts?

Pool table chalk dunes? I bet you never heard of that one before? Well, they do exist. Whenever I am repairing a pool table and the customer tells me that the table is not level or the balls vere off … Continue reading

Pool Table: How To Brush Correctly and Remove Spills

A question I am often asked is how to clean a pool table? How to Clean a Pool Table Most English 8 ball pool tables have a napped cloth which needs to be brushed in a certain direction. If you … Continue reading

Snooker Tables used in the Snooker Masters

Snooker tables used in the Snooker Masters since 2009 is made by Star. Prior to 2009 snooker tables used in all World Snooker competitions was the Riley Aristocrat Tournament Champion. All match snooker tables have steel block cushions and the … Continue reading

Snooker Balls where do they originate from?

The origins of snooker balls actually derives from a game played on grass similar to croquette. Hence most cue sport games are played on a green baize which mimics grass. Original snooker balls ¬†were made of ivory. In the nineteenth … Continue reading